Water Damage Restoration Companies in Mesa, AZ

Are you looking for a water damage restoration company in your Mesa, Arizona? If you have water damage and you live in Mesa, Arizona you can find a list of the restoration companies in your area. f your home has been damaged by flooding or other sources of water, it is important that you act quickly to get professional help. Our website will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision about which company is right for your needs.

For reference, you can also find out where the restoration companies are located in relation to your address in the Google Map below if they have an address listed on their Google Maps Listing.

What questions should homeowners ask restoration companies before deciding who to use on their property? Do not make the mistake of only asking for an estimate. Before you start talking about money, here are some really important things to get out in the open. Your insurance company and/or adjuster cannot force you to use a particular company. If they suggest that you use someone and you are comfortable with that company, great. If not, use someone you trust and someone you believe will make sure your needs are taken care of.

Questions you should ask a prospective water damage restoration company

  1. How long have you been working in the Mesa Arizona area?
  2. Do you have general liability insurance for your company? (Most legit restoration companies will. If they don’t that is a red flag!)
  3. Make sure to check their online reviews.
  4. Make sure their workers are certified by the IICRC for restoration work.
  5. Are their workers background checked?
  6. Do their technicians have uniforms? (This may sound odd, but more reputable companies should have their workers wearing uniforms.
  7. will they do any work that is over and above what insurance covers or provides a lien waiver if someone else does your repairs?
  8. If you want to use them for reconstruction as well, ask them if they have a contractor’s license in the state of Arizona (Arizona Registrar of Contractors) and if they have had any cmplaints registered against them.

Below the list of Restoration companies in Mesa, AZ we will include a FAQ section if you have questions about the water damage restoration process in general


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SERVPRO of North Central Mesa

Business 100 W Hoover Ave # 7 Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 553-7103Website: http://Servpronorthcentralmesa.Com

911 Restoration Of Mesa

Business 925 N Stapley Dr # E Mesa AZ 85203 Work Phone: (602) 899-6888Website: http://911restorationmesa.Com

Adams Disaster & Restoration

Business 1716 W Broadway Rd # 119 Mesa AZ 85202 Work Phone: (480) 895-4848Website: http://Adamsdry.Com

All Clear Environmental Svc

Business 130 W Hampton Ave # 19 Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 664-7917Website: http://Acesaz.Com

Arizona’s Restoration Experts

Business 644 S Higley Rd Mesa AZ 85206 Work Phone: (480) 245-7614Website: http://Damagerepairmesaaz.Com

Az Flood Cleanup Guys

Business 456 N Calle Largo Mesa AZ 85207 Work Phone: (602) 256-1199Website: http://Azsupersaversrestoration.Com

Az Flood Guys

Business 9055 E Plana Ave Mesa AZ 85212 Work Phone: (480) 926-2371Website: http://Azfloodcleanup.Com

Carpet Medic

Business 7255 E Hampton Ave Mesa AZ 85209 Work Phone: (480) 898-9111Website: http://Azcarpetmedic.Com

Code-R Damage Repair

Business Mesa AZ 85201 Work Phone: (480) 464-4356

Connected Restoration

Business 4835 E Indigo St # 103 Mesa AZ 85205 Work Phone: (480) 405-2660Website: http://Connectedrestoration.Com

Coyote Carpet Cleaning

Business 2733 N Power Rd # 102-109 Mesa AZ 85215 Work Phone: (480) 228-3256

Damage Control-Dc Restoration

Business 422 S Drew St Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 892-3855Website: http://Damagecontrol-Us.Com

Deer Valley Plbg Contrs Inc

Business 1225 W Main St # 101-267 Mesa AZ 85201 Work Phone: (602) 497-4806Website: http://Deervalleyplumbing.Com

Dnk Enterprises

Business 517 S Lebaron Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (602) 241-6600Website: http://Dkazenterprises.Com

Dry Force-Water Fire Mold

Business 2618 N Ogden Rd Mesa AZ 85215 Work Phone: (480) 813-0000Website: http://Dryforce.Net

Eco Dry Restoration

Business 127 W Juanita Ave Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 621-7331Website: http://Ecodryrestoration.Com

Ehs Restoration

Business 55 W Hoover Ave # 103 Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 306-5777Website: http://Ehsrestoration.Com

Environmental Site Assessments

Business 3707 E Southern Ave Mesa AZ 85206 Work Phone: (480) 835-0415

Envy Restoration & Constr

Business 116 E Broadway Rd Mesa AZ 85210 Work Phone: (480) 464-7025Website: http://Mesadamagerepair.Com

Four Peaks Restoration

Business 9757 E Butternut Ave Mesa AZ 85208 Work Phone: (480) 738-2977
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Water Damage Restoration FAQ for Mesa, AZ

Q: How long does water damage restoration and repair usually take?
A: Depending on the amount of the water affected area, it could take anywhere from a few hours to 4 or 5 days. The average dry out times for the jobs we work on are 2 to 3 days.
Q: What forms are needed to file a claim for water damage for water restoration?
A: This will vary from insurance agency to insurance agency. Make sure you notify your insurance agency in writing even if you have talked with them on the phone or in person. Many times, even though it isn’t always enforced, insurance policies require written notice of damage for a claim. Make sure you are completely familiar with your insurance policy before starting the claim process so you don’t get any surprises along the way.

Q: How can I do my own Water Damage Restoration on my property?
A: Water damage restoration should be done by trained experts. In some cases you may not have the money to hire a restoration company, especially if you don’t have insurance. You might want to reach out to a restoration company, feel free to give us a call, for advise on how to handle your situation. Even if you don’t have the money to have a restoration company handle all of the work, it would be smart to have one come out to determin the extent of the damage since a lot of it wont be visible to the naked eye. Or you can buy a moisture reader and thermal imaging camera to determine it yourself. You will then need to remove the affected structural material that can’t be dried out and dry out the rest with fans and heat. Most good restoration companies should be able to give you suggestions to help you along the way if you are in a situation where you are not able to pay for it.
Q: How fast is a restoration company able to get on scene if I have a water or fire emergency?
A: Time frames vary depending on where you live and how close a restoration company is to your location, especially if you live in more rural communities. SERVPRO franchises promote a 1-4-8 time commitment. 1 hour verbal response, 4 hours onsite response, 8 hour verbal briefing to you and/or your insurance adjuster of the scope of the damage. That is a pretty reasonable expectation. Generally a restoration company is able to be onsite sooner, but there are veriables such as the time of day of the water damage, is there a specific natural event that caused your loss that may be causing water damage losses for others as well, or is it a holiday for examples.
Q: My insurance adjuster is pushing their preferred restoration company, do I have to use them?
A: You can choose to use any restoration company you are comforatable with. Technically adjusters shouldn’t be pushing a specific restoration company, but adjusters are generally pretty busy and will generally like to work with restoration companies whose processes make their lives easier. This could be good for you, it could be bad for you. You need to make sure you are going to work with a water damage restoration company who is going to give you what you need. If your insurance adjuster is pushing a specific restoration company, interview them and interview 2 other restoration companies and use the questions at the top of this post to see who you feel most comfortable with.