Water Damage Restoration in San Tan Valley AZ

If you have lived in the San Tan Valley area for any length of time, you know that some of the houses in certain neighborhoods were a bit hastily put together. In certain neighborhoods (Johnson Ranch…) the 10 to 15-year itch is starting to show some of those deficiencies. If you live in that area and some of the areas right around there, you might notice that things are just falling apart, pipes are breaking, tape joints are coming undone, etc. Hopefully,  you don’t get caught off guard by a summer monsoon. Luckily they have been pretty mild the past 2 years. Still, more and more homeowners and renters are having to call water damage restoration and mold remediation companies to fix problems that never should have been an issue. A lot of the times the water issues manifest as an emergency type event so they are covered by insurance. However, most people don’t know that mold issues are generally not covered by insurance as they are considered a maintenance issue. Generally, mold issues are caught too late and can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix.


One thing you can do to avoid water damage restoration issues in San Tan Valley is to check your water heater once a month. after about 10 to 15 years, if you haven’t had to replace it, it will probably become an issue sometime soon. One of the other most common water damage culprits is the toilet supply line. They should be checked once a year for maintenance.  If you live in the San Tan Valley area, I would check it more often than that. A lot of the building materials used by some of the construction companies out in that area were a little suspect due to cost-cutting measures. Here are some other tips:


Checklist of Flood Recovery and Water Damage Restoration Tips:

1. Shut Off the Water Source to Prevent Further Water Damage.

2. Turn Off the Circuit Breaker to the Affected Rooms.

3. Call a Plumber if You Need to Locate any Plumbing Leaks and Repair Broken Pipes.

4. Mitigate the Damage Immediately to Prevent Further Water Damage and Potential Mold Growth.

5. Baseboards and drywall May Not Always Appear to Be wet, so the space in Between Is the Most Common Water Damaged Area Overlooked By Homeowners and Likely to Grow Mold if Not Dried Out Properly.

6. Call a Professional Flood Damage Restoration Company Like SERVPRO of North Central Mesa to Extract the Water and Dry Out the Structure Along with any Salvageable Personal Property Items.

7. Avoid Walking on Wet Carpet if Possible to Prevent Further Potential Staining.

8. Remove Small Furnishings and Place Aluminum Foil Under the Legs to Prevent Staining and Rust.

9. Draperies and Furniture Skirts Should Be Removed if Touching the Floor to Prevent Water Staining.

10. Remove Breakables, Valuables, and Highly Sensitive Items From the Affected Rooms and Construction Area.

11. Building Materials Should Be Tested for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Prior to Demolition.


Some things you can do to avoid mold remediation in san tan valley are to check pipes inside cabinets and behind your refrigerator or washer & dryer. One thing you can do as well is to get an infrared camera. They are not cheap, but if used appropriately on a routine basis, they can catch moisture issues that cause mold before they become a huge issue. 


SERVPRO of North Central Mesa has been providing Water damage extraction, remediation, and restoration to the Mesa Arizona East Valley for the last decade. While we are based in Mesa Arizona, most of us live in San Tan Valley, so we also do a lot of work out there. SERVPRO is the most recognized name in the restoration in the US. Because we are locally owned, you have the personal touch of owners who grew up and lives in the area, while having nationwide support and consistency. We can, and do, handle any size disaster from a small pipe leak to summertime monsoon events.

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